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At DataCrest, we have created a suite of products that will enhance the way you work today with technical efficiencies (digitize), allowing you bind more and better business using technology (grow).  Our products will help evolve your organization to a leading digital experience, increasing efficiency, revenue, and success.

Our Products Evolve Digitize Grow

AppEase- A Dynamic Application Platform

The current supplemental insurance application process can be frustrating for insureds, agents, and underwriters. AppEase is the solution that improves both the experience and the outcome. This frontend, MGA and carrier-centric interface enhances the  flow, extracts, and standardizes the data in the application to make it easier to use across systems in the insurance tech ecosystem.
Benefits include:
  • Quicker quotes and indications
  • Reduce sales cycle (~80%) by collecting supplemental apps electronically
  • Delivery of secure applications to customers via unique links and E-Sign capabilities
  • No more redundant data entry
  • Greater underwriting efficiency
  • Automated underwriting through customizable qualification
  • Reduce your E&O exposure by having your clients more easily complete app

QuBI - Quote/Bind/Issue

QuBI simplifies and streamlines the submission process by letting agents get an immediate qualifications and quote then bind and provide issue documents to their customer. QuBI maximizes efficiency for agents and insureds by condensing the process and eliminating wait time.
Benefits include:
  • Supports integrations to pre-fill from data resources
  • Connects to PAS/AMS
    Compatible with AppEase
  • Eliminates time consuming steps in the issuing process
  • Easy to set up and customize
  • Customizable to maximize relevance for user experience
  • Saves Underwriter time and increase your hit rate
  • Control rates for indications or provide bindable quotes

Assess and Mitigate - Making Your Risk Management Content Within Reach

Separate products aimed at delivering your risk management content to your insureds when it can make the most impact.

Assess helps carriers, MGAs, and agents to audit and create easy-to-follow, prioritized, and realistic remediation plans for insureds that reduces claims and improves the insureds business. Assess’s checklist and communication tools can be connected to your portal to create a loss prevention hub for your insureds.

Mitigate helps to deliver claims activity content to insureds based on policy and exposure type. It uses algorithms to provide relevant content that works to control claims and minimize risk.

Benefits include:
  • Reduce financial and operational impact of claims
  • Greater retention of insureds
  • Provides value to customers and their businesses
  • Ongoing exposure identification
  • Customizable plans
  • Responsive design
  • Compatible with standard insurance portals
  • Customizable to maximize relevance and user capabilities

Our Services


Our veteran team of developers have the API and Insurance development experience to efficiently integrate our products to your AMS/PAS or other insurance ecosystem applications. While we create our products to be valuable and available as standalone services, the power of integrating and making available  standardized policy information across your organization is immense. 

Benefits include:
  • Reduced strain on your technical team
  • Efficient projects by practiced teams
  • Data availability
  • Automation from internal system events as determined by your needs

Database Technology — Security Protocols

We employ enterprise class security and conduct annual internal audits. Our servers are both locally backed up and protected for disaster recovery as well as a geographic failover in the event of a catastrophic disaster. In addition to all reviews, audits, and failover tests, we employ strict security standards in our code, maintain strong firewalls and have dedicated physical hardware as opposed to a shared server. We minimize the sensitive information we store and do not store any credit-card or other financial information. Any sensitive information is hashed or encrypted.


Enterprise class security on all aspects
of the application

Our development team has experience
with various programming languages to
obtain any integration needed

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