Start Somewhere Series: Incident Response Planning

The Start Somewhere Series is an informational guide that breaks down complex topics into digestible building blocks and takeaways ensuring that you, as the reader, can take small steps to execute changes within your organization for timely results. Our point of view is simple – begin somewhere. Our primary focus in this whitepaper is to educate the reader on incident response planning and developing a security program where an incident management and response strategy is not already in place.

What can you expect to takeaway?
  • Establishing a comprehensive incident response plan that can be customized over time and includes clear roles and responsibilities.
  • Taking the time to detect and analyze the incident to avoid false assessment on the situation before dedicating the time and money.
  • Using retrospective analysis to effectively refine and improve certain steps of the IR process following an incident.

"It is not a question of "if" a security incident or data breach happens, but "when", and how to respond."

Author, Ben Thomas, Chief Technology Officer

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